Work Opportunities WITH THE Auckland PROJECT

The Auckland Project provides opportunities in a wide range of areas covering an even wider range of skills, from horticulture, education and catering, to maintenance, commercial operations and head office roles.

In addition, once Auckland Castle re-opens in 2018, we will require many employees, as well as volunteers, to join us for seasonal work.

We are firmly committed to developing our employees and providing fantastic opportunities for personal development, utilising skills in a creative environment.

The Auckland Project operates an equal opportunity policy. The majority of employees will be recruited locally.

Commercial Finance Manager

Salary: £40,000 – £45,000

Closing date: Sunday 15 July 2018

Fixed term, 24 months

The Commercial Finance Manager will be responsible for the development of appropriate financial reporting for the Trust’s trading activities; implementation of commercial and / or financial systems plus other areas which require systems and processes to be developed and implemented, including (but not limited to): cash security, stock control, till control, sales control, optimising staffing levels and costs. The role will also undertake financial due diligence pre-screening (where appropriate) of 3rd party companies intending to participate in TAP’s procurement and tendering processes (principally for the Commercial Department, but also potentially for other Departments, where appropriate).

The Commercial Finance Manager will be responsible for TAP’s financial planning and analysis during ‘Transition’ (i.e. through to March 2020), principally for its Trading Activity, but also for TAP on a group-wide basis in connection with its strategic planning. The role will provide key management information to the operational functions in the business as well as being a key link between the Finance Department and the business. The role works hand in hand with the business to develop and implement weekly trading updates and short-term forecasts. They will also support any ‘deep dive’ analysis, and support evaluating performance. The Commercial Finance Manager will report to the Commercial Director, but will be expected to liaise closely with Leadership Team members, including the Group Finance and HR Directors, and their respective Departments.

View the full job description and the person specification.

To apply,  please send a CV and cover letter of no more than two A4 sides to 

Senior Projects Co-ordinator

Salary: £30,000 – £35,000

Closing date: Wednesday 18 July 2018

Fixed term, 24 months

The Auckland Project is looking for an experienced Senior Project Coordinator to join its team to assist with driving forward a departmental programme of work within the Projects Department. The Senior Project Coordinator will be pivotal in assisting the Head of Projects deliver their scheme of work.

Work will involve supporting the Head of Projects in their day to day activities, including but not limited to:

  • Attending meetings
  • Ensuring meeting actions are carried out, and assigning and chasing actions throughout the wider Project Team
  • Creating and distributing documentation
  • Maintaining documentation folders

They will liaise with the Project Team on a daily basis to obtain information that the TAP Client Team requires. They will distribute and ensure that the relevant Client Team members receive this information.

The Senior Project Coordinator will play a key part in bringing teams together in order to plan work streams, and with the Head of Projects, ensure that an overall master programme is created. This will include construction projects, fit out projects, mobilisation of the attraction and post completion works.

An integral part of the role will include preparing items for discussion within Client Team Meetings that will drive the programme, and ensure that each teams’ needs are met.

As part of the Project Team within the wider Property Department, the Project Coordinator will report to the Head of Projects and work with TAP’s Project Manager Consultants to deliver the project requirements for TAP.

View the full job description and person specification.

To apply,  please send a CV and cover letter of no more than two A4 sides to